Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Hageen Hits ‘Marijuana’ With a Revamp in ‘Marijuana Vol 2’

The reggae-inspired band’s new track is a laid back retouch of ‘Marijuana’.

Scene Noise

After a muted eight months since Hageen’s last release ‘Marijuana’, the reggae-inspired group is back taking a hit at revamping the original track in their new release ‘Marijuana Vol 2’.

The diversity of the members’ styles give Hageen a different approach in their take on reggae. Written and performed by Dooby and Moo CKA, the new track is a subtle yet pleasant remix, emphasising a slightly more pronounced auto tune while generally creating a more laid back sound.As the track gets a retouch, so does the music video. While the previous video sees the band drawing on psychedelic tones, Hageen new video sets a retro-inspired stage with mellow lighting, complementing the track’s new energy with a calm, matching aesthetic.

Main Image by Osama Mohamed