Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Hassan Abou Alam Releases Two Tracks From Upcoming ‘Fasla’ EP

Less than 5 months from the release of his exemplary ‘It Spills’ EP with Lisbon’s Naive Records, Hassan Abou Alam is back with yet another sonic madness.

Ahmed Khalaf

Prolific Egyptian producer Hassan Abou Alam recently revealed that his latest EP ‘Fasla’ will be released on the 11th of March on Bristol-born, Berlin-based Banoffee Pies Records (BPR). The label is known not only for their diversity and eclecticism, but also their exclusivity and selectiveness. Take a look through their catalog and you’ll find everything from jungle to techno, breakbeats to house, and much more.

The catch? Every one of these tracks is unique in their own right, even outside of the fact that they’re varied in genre. You’ll find different styles of jungle and different flavours of techno from a range of talented producers. Egyptian Abou Alam is certainly one of them, constantly serving his signature rugged bass-sounds and choppy percussion.

Even though the full EP is set for release mid-March, Abou Alam and BPR have released two tracks, sharing a glimpse of what we can expect from the release. Abou Alam kicks off the EP with ‘Kesibt’, translating  to “I won. “ This includes a mind-boggling feature from local artist SHBL-LBSH.

‘Kesibt’ offers a beefy bassline, the bed upon which the tracks additional elements are laid on, using  f industrial FX and a bleepy synth in a call-and-response manner alongside the bass. SHBL-LBSH offers what you could describe as a chopped “verse”, adding  body and movement to Hassan’s minimally mad creation.

The second release ‘Mawkif’, which translates to “situation”, takes the listener on a journey of fluctuating emotions. Beginning with a brigh-tone, the song gradually inches towards Abou Alam’s typical  demented prooduction. The first section is overflowing with a cluster of synth-lines playing alongside each other, burgeoning till mid-point, where all melodic-elements fall silent for the bassline to shine through. Following the hefty bass section, synth-elements are reintroduced and the track signs off with a synthline and top-drum percussion.

Abou Alam’s  track record in the region is nearly unmatched, with the artist consistently showing up and showing out with releases on different labels. Though he creates different productions, his signature sound remains the same. Keep an eye out for the full EP, out March 11th.