Friday December 1st, 2023
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Haykal Drops Carefully Crafted New EP ‘Lissa 3m Nntrd’ with Big Murk

The lyrically-focused EP provides a perfect showcase of one of the region's most underrated and underappreciated rappers.

Ahmed Khalaf

The Palestinian rap scene continues to showcase its dynamism with countless breakthroughs and emerging talents helping form the distinctly recognisable sounds of the Palestinian wave.

Building on a number of singles and EP releases over the past year, Haykal provides some more icing on the cake with new EP, Lissa 3m Nntrd, with the ever-talented Big Murk as producer.The EP’s short duration is an invitation for endless repeats. It begins with a fiery fusion between grime and drill in ‘Shaghaf’, with a twist in percussion over a minimalist melody, a production decision that gives spotlight to the message of the lyrics.

The second track, ‘Wenha’, makes use of a breakbeat percussion structure in a glitchy manner, through the accompanying placid pad acting as the elementary beat that lets Haykal lay out his emotive lyrics.

The Haykal and Big Murk partnership appears to be in harmony by making the production minimal but memorable to give centre stage to vocals and lyrics, resulting in a well-crafted and finely-delivered project.