Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Helicopta’s Debut Event To Headline Budgy, Meniawy, and Khalaf

Another fresh hip hop party offering an unorthodox line-up than usual.

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Helicopta’s Debut Event To Headline Budgy, Meniawy, and Khalaf

With a rise in hip hop artists but a lack of concerts, rappers usually wonder as to where they are going to perform because whenever there’s a rap concert, bookers always go for the same 10 rappers. The overflow of rappers is causing an influx of performers unable to showcase their talent, which leads many artists to stop or quit, no matter how talented.

Luckily, a few members of the hip hop community are putting in great efforts to provide a place for these “underground” rappers to present their musical prowess.

Newly established hip hop promoters Helicopta are providing a fresh line-up of highly skilled rappers, with unwavering rapper Budgy headlining the night alongside rising fan-favorite Menyawi and eclectic artist Khalaf, with special guest, sultry singer Bayou and DJ Waley warming up the night.

The night will be sponsored by STPS clothing brand, who’s going to have a booth setup for attendees to indulge in their collection. For bookings and reservations, contact STPS on Instagram.