Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Husa & Zeyada Turn Up The Heat In Latest Single 'Make It Hot'

After a short break, the magical duo returns for a new mesmerizing release with ‘Make It Hot’.

Ahmed Khalaf

With the overwhelming abundance of rap music, most times other genres get swallowed in between the hip hop releases, causing a musical imbalance in the scene. Thankfully, the scene has a talented duo who offer a unique sonic direction that presents a breeze of fresh air. It’s been a hot minute since we were blessed with a new Husa & Zeyada track, but we’re finally here and the duo decided to spice things up with their latest single ‘Make it Hot’.

Following their ‘Long Way Home’ direction, ‘Make it Hot’ is a double entendre that represents how a relationship gets heated by time, and also reflecting on the madness of the world, how global warming is literally burning the world we live in. In a way, it’s a wake up call, a reminder that our over-consumerism will be our own downfall, because at the end of the day we build or destroy the world we live in. 

“Make it hot speaks with the voice of a character consumed by the need to control, bred in a consumer society that can thrive only on the destruction of its own world,” Husa & Zeyada says. “A personal dilemma and loss of control means the only way to gain agency is by adding gas to the fire, you ‘Make It Hot’.”

Released on Canadian label, IAmHer, ‘Make It Hot’ is a funk-infused downtempo fusion which follows a signature drum programming over an attention-grabbing bassline under Zeyada’s sultry vocals. A rich lead enters the mix mid-way through the track, acting as the counter-melody to the bass and mellow guitar riff. 

The music video is set to release in December while this song represents the 6th release in the ‘Long Way Home’ album, which is set to drop fully with new tracks and some new remixes this Fall.