Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Husayn and FL EX Are Dissident In Latest Music Video ‘Stop (Magnolia)’

Video after video, MTM is constantly offering stellar visual quality that stays true to the streets.

Ahmed Khalaf

MTM, a.k.a. Maadi Town Mafia, have been on a hot streak for a while now with a handful of music videos that were the center of attention among the rap community, most recently with Wingii’s ‘Agana’ which attracted great attention for its street aesthetic. MTM’s centre figure Husayn recently released his mixtape ‘Sonseyat’, an introduction to the young rapper’s new identity over a 6-track EP. Just a couple of months following the release, Husayn got together with fellow MTM rapper FL EX to present the music video for ‘Stop (Magnolia)’.

For someone so enigmatic, Husayn has long been a challenging artist, frequently showing up with grim lyricism, having a profound preference for sinister instrumentals. His latest endeavor in ‘Stop (Magnolia)’ sees him staying true to his subject matter, serving a menacing outlook alongside Egyptian rapper FL EX. The duo flaunt their wit, showcasing an unruffled take to their lyrical direction, declaring “If your heart gets to you, I’ll make it stop”. This is just one instance of MTM’s composed yet boastful style.

What makes or breaks a music video would be the edits and the accurate cuts-on-action which this video executes perfectly. The previously mentioned street aesthetic of MTM is evident in ‘Stop’ as the entire video is shot in the rowdy streets of Cairo, which was directed by Khalid Ibrahim. The video commences with Husayn rushing to get into a car and closes off with FL EX fleeing the scene from two angry men, representing the tribulation of life on the streets. Music producers Heru and Arsh perfectly encapsulated the grittiness of Husayn’s preferences, offering a sinister beat which comes as a result of the bassline that roars throughout the single, along with the usual drill drum-programming.