Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Hussein Yasser Invites Over Abyusif For Latest Single ‘Karakter’

Mexic’s youngest talents step in the booth for the first time alongside Egyptian star Abyusif.

Ahmed Khalaf

El Mexic has been one of the bigger factions in Egypt’s hip hop community, with a hefty roster that are loved by fans all over the region. Made up of Abyusif, Abo El Anwar, Perrie, Lil Baba, Ahmed Santa, Desso, and the young Hussein Yasser. The latter has previously shown his production wit, and this time alongside Abyusif, he hops on the mic to show off his rapping skills as well in his latest release of ‘Karakter’.

In ‘Karakter’, Yasser sets the tone for his vocal direction in his debut single, with what looks like an upcoming EP which is evident from the credits of the latest single, where he shows a track list which includes ‘Karakter’, three solo singles, a track with Santa, and finally a track with Abo El Anwar.

Yasser opts in making a drill beat with a violin-base, giving off a sinister end result from the combination of abundant 808-slides with a high pitched violin for the melody. Abyusif is his usual carefree self, with bar after bar about his ruthlessness in full savage mode, while Yasser is a womanizer, discussing his previous affairs with full confidence.

Hussein Yasser is the youngest member of ‘El Mexic’ and one of the youngest artists within the scene. The young talent has a long way to go in his career, and ‘Karakter’ is a good way of laying the foundations of his rapping career.

Listen to the track below