Friday April 19th, 2024
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IRSH Will Hold Its Inaugural Club Night in Berlin’s LARK on June 24th

From midnight till sunrise, the night will see Big Murk, Assyouti and Rama B2B Zuli perform live at LARK.

Riham Issa

IRSH Will Hold Its Inaugural Club Night in Berlin’s LARK on June 24th

Berlin’s LARK, formerly known as Marie-Antoinette, will host Egyptian label IRSH’s inaugural club night with a topnotch lineup featuring Assyouti, Big Murk and Rama B2B Zuli on June 24th.  Launched in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, IRSH - a Cairo-based label run by Zuli and Rama - has been bringing creative friends and like-minded musicians together in a video series of live music and DJ sets that showcase their talents and eclectic tunes.

Their most recent release, ‘Did You Mean Irsh: Vol.2’, features Cairo beatmaker Yassen with Palestinian rapper Dakn, along with Abadir and 3Phaz on the instrumental grime track ‘Kabbut’, as well as multi-instrumentalist, producer and Egyptian electro avant-gardist, Zuli.

IRSH's club night in LARK will feature Assyouti's signature left-field electronic sounds, Big Murk's Arabic spins on grime music, and Rama and Zuli B2B as the opening and closing sets. Taking their studio sessions out of the studio for the first time, IRSH will undoubtedly be leaving their imprint on Berlin.

The event starts at 11:30 PM and runs till sunrise at 6:30AM. You can book your tickets through link in bio at IRSH’s Instagram.