Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Idressi Drops Arab-Indie Heartbreak EP ‘Msh Bil Kalam’

In collaboration with Syrian producer Ahmed Diaa, Idressi offers a heartfelt Arab-indie-pop experience.

Hesham Badr

 Idressi Drops Arab-Indie Heartbreak EP ‘Msh Bil Kalam’

Just ahead of Valentine's Day, Amman-based artist and lover boy Idreesi drops 'Msh Bil Kalam' just for the heartbroken amongst us, created in collaboration with Syrian producer and sound engineer Ahmed Diaa.

The six-track EP opens with the eponymous track, 'Msh Bil Kalam', which translates to 'Not With Words'. Idreesi narrates the story of a love lost without the need for spoken words, setting the tone for the rest of the EP.

One standout track is 'Zaymal Ketab By2ol'. With its cosmic synths and captivating keys, this ballad gives listeners an intimate glimpse into Idreesi's melancholy-laden universe (warning: you might find yourself humming it for days).

The EP concludes with the enchanting 'Sahle', a fusion of jazz and ballad influences. The pulsating bass guitar intertwines with inspiring melodic synths, creating a soundscape that leaves a lasting impression.