Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Intibint Paints a Personal Picture in DIY ‘Telling My Mother’ Video

Self-directed, self-recorded, and self-edited, the personal new music video shows a world through the British-Yemeni artist's eyes.

Yahia Dabbous

The openness of Intibint’s recently released EP What Are You Willing To Do was one element of its poignant appeal, and in a new video for ‘Telling My Mother’, the London-bred Yemeni artist adds a personal picture to accompany the sound

An accumulation of shaky camcorder clips, the music video presents a casually intimate view of Intibint’s world through her perspective, inviting us into her kitchen or to appreciate rich Yemeni tapestry on her walls.

In the spirit of the EP, whose lyrics were jotted on her phone notes app at home, she announced, and whose songs were hummed into her catalogue of voice recordings at random throughout her days, the video maintains elements evocative of her personal journey.

Self-directed, self-recorded, and self-edited, along with some support in filming from Jan Lietava, the home comforts which include religious symbols, political academic texts, or simply floaty views of the London cityscape from her window neatly help to enhance the self-portrait painted by her EP.

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