Sunday May 19th, 2024
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Iran’s Milad Ahmadi Brews Dark Fusion of Noise in New EP ‘SINGOP’

Breakcore, IDM, dark ambient, gabber - the rationalisation of the Tehran-based producer’s of work can go on and on, but his latest release defies genre in the most gloriously macabre of ways.

Ahmed Khalaf

Iran’s Milad Ahmadi Brews Dark Fusion of Noise in New EP ‘SINGOP’

With a taste for dark auras and sonic deconstruction, Milad Ahmadi of Tehran returns for his fourth project of the year, SINGOM, an EP that builds on his preferred militant palette. 

In 2021, we’ve seen Ahmadi play breakbeats in, X2FOR2, distortion and utter madness with EPs JIVEO and NABOKH, Ahmadi finds himself in a sea genre-bending fusion that makes use of an endless spectrum of eroding textures. Released on Kopi Records, SINGOM is an ultimately formless piece of work that dives deep into the abrasive end of sound spectrum across its seven tracks and is described by Ahmadi as an experimental fusion of breakcore and IDM.Industrial effects, crusty drones and clipped-kicks come together to form a sort-of dark psychedelia that finds some common ground with dark ambient, gabber and even techno. Ahmadi leaves a major musical twist right at the end, however, with the closing track ‘Hormoz Noize’ taking you somewhere else completely. The 10-minute ambient piece uses an ambiguous combo of noise, field recordings of what might be an airport, a street, or both, which he colours with minimal textures and white noise. 

It’s certainly a memorable ending to an anxious sonic journey that doesn’t let up - a growing trademark of Ahmadi’s work.