Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Iranian Rapper Aka Pedi Showcases Versatility in New Track 'Parvaz'

Backed by Tehran’s Sampatic Records, Aka Pedi has staked his claim in Iran’s growing rap scene throughout a big 2021.

Scene Noise

While Tehran has cultivated quite the reputation for being a veritable diamond in the rough when it comes to electronic music, Iran has seemingly caught the rap bug that’s been going around the region.

One name that has always championed the deepest pockets of the country’s independent music scene is Sampatic Records, whose library of releases features names such as Nesa Azadikhah, Amira Lii, A Blade of Grass and founder, Kamyar Khanzaei.

In recent times however, the label has thrown its weight behind rap, specifically Aka Pedi, who has this year proven to be a spitfire of a rapper - the kind that transcends language. Flow is flow, delivery is delivery.

Nothing proves that more than his latest release, 'Pavaz' a sinister and almost old-school hip-hop track that serves to showcase more depth to his aggressive style, one that somehow hits the ear smoothly and effortlessly. But enough words. The best thing you can do is just press play.