Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Iraqi Rapper Hafs & Lebanese Rapper Sabine Go Toe to Toe on 'Najaar’

‘Najaar’, the Iraqi Lebanese rap fusion you didn’t know you needed.

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Iraqi Rapper Hafs & Lebanese Rapper Sabine Go Toe to Toe on 'Najaar’

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Iraqi musician Hafs, ‘Najaaar’ represents a rare collaboration between an Iraqi and a Lebanese rapper. Reaching out across the region, both rappers effortlessly exchange refreshing verses on Hafs’ electro trap instrumental showcasing their chemistry through technical rap skills and fresh flows. Although they come from different backgrounds and speak different dialects, their voice and style complement each other smoothly.

The track is paired with a music video marked by simple edits of their confident street performances and dark lighting which matches the track’s assertive energy. The music video features inserts of Sabine wearing a boxing glove and Hafs playing with a rubik’s cube, symbolizing the gamification of life and music.

‘Najaaar’ is Sabine’s first ever feature illustrating what she has to offer to the rap game after the release of her debut album ‘Taffe Daw’. As for Hafs, the one man team dives away from the Eastern drum pattern and sound which lead to his musical success.