Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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JellyZone Announce Lineup For 5 Year Anniversary Mini-Fest 'Wadada'

JellyZone returns with a bang in their five year anniversary mini-fest 'Wadada' at Hurghada on August 18th & 19th.

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JellyZone Announce Lineup For 5 Year Anniversary Mini-Fest 'Wadada'

Five years ago, A7ba-L-Jelly ,aka Donia El-Shohdy, co-founded her own party series in an attempt to showcase alternative electronic music and support the local talents who don’t have a medium to purvey their music and talent. Since then, JellyZone has been the go to place for affordable, non-commercial electronic music where artists, DJs, and live acts come to showcase their raw talents, playing what they really prefer to play rather than adapting to a certain limit the way most others do.

Fast forward to modern day, JellyZone is set to celebrate their five year anniversary with a two-day mini-fest ‘Wadada’ on August 17th and 18th with special guests, Syrian multidisciplinary Hello Psychaleppo and Austrian DJ/producer Antonia XVX, accompanying a fiery selection of the finest local DJs and live acts with Molotof, Maurice Louca, 3Phaz, Nour Fahmy, Sidy, Postdrone, Karim Serry, Yaseen, Shawarma, Nourleq, Onsy, mmmmmmalak, and K-Laff, as well as founder A7ba-L-Jelly.

Speaking of her vision, Donia told SceneNoise “Pushing the boundaries of independent collectives or party series that have an unusual approach than what is common, now we want to discover the limits and potential of establishing a bigger context, hoping to generate a sustainable event acclaimed internationally as well as locally, an annual event that becomes a destination for people from all over.”

An outdoor event embracing nature, ‘Wadada’ will be running across three days with two nights of music with an industrial touch. The mini-fest will follow JellyZone’s vision of offering an eclectic musical experience, gathering some of Cairo’s finest selectors of different sonic directions under the same umbrella in hopes of offering an unforgettable experience to attendees.

Since Donia comes from a visual arts background, she takes a multidisciplinary perspective with each event, creating new narratives with each location, delivering a fitting visual experience with each place which encapsulates the audio-visual approach of JellyZone. Expect a contemporary installations and exhibition spaces for videos and visual arts to further enhance the sonic experience from visual artists Qonami and Nader among some others, while Alias is providing the visual shenanigans during party time.

For bookings and accommodation, visit https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y6i7h-94cUPSu1130dzPTmhWGHiRhRgK/view or contact JellyZone on Instagram.