Monday September 25th, 2023
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JellyZone Gig to Host Internationals Mapalma and Wulffluw XCIV

International acts from Croatia and Russia are to be joined by local favourites Ali Ashraf, Yaseen, and more.

Ahmed Khalaf

Everyone’s favorite underground party is going back to its roots. This JellyZone edition, to be held on the 25th of February, will be a full-on rave featuring not just our local heroes, but a couple of international underground favourites as well. JellyZone has garnered a decent fan base over the years, offering eclectic lineups and wild festivities with each passing edition. So far, the recurring event has seen performances from the likes of Palestinian DJ/producer Al Nather; Jordanian rapper and producer; DJ Lil Aasaf; Egyptian producers EL Waili and Rafeik; rappers Marwan Pablo and Moscow; and experimentalists Zuli, $$$TAG$$$, Rama, Onsy, Assyouti, and much more.

After dabbling in early-evening outdoor parties for the last couple of editions, founder Donia Shohdy, AKA A7ba-L-Jelly, decided to take JellyZone back to its roots – late-night, indoor raves. Instead of booking more mainstream names, Donia opted for a more underground vibe for this edition, flying out DJ Wulffluw XCIV all the way from Moscow, and DJ Mapalma of Zagreb, Croatia who will be offering her unconventional approach to rhythm, with a dark atmosphere. Joining them are local heroes Ali Ashraf, Yaseen, Riff, DNGR GNGR, and of course A7ba-L-Jelly herself.

The location of the party (happening February 25th)  is sent after reservations are made, with limited capacity. Expect a hard-hitting rave night from 8PM till 4AM. For bookings, contact @jellyzonecairo on Instagram.