Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Jordan's El Far3i Offers An Acoustic Treat In Music Video ‘Mahmoom'

Another light-hearted journey from the Jordanian star.

Ahmed Khalaf

Is he a drummer? A guitarist? Some deem him a poet, while others argue that he’s a rapper. Either way, Palestinian-Jordanian musician El Far3i covers all of the forementioned roles.

First garnering attention during his stint with Jordanian rock band El Morabba3, El Far3i has since made a name for himself as a powerful voice and a prophetic poet within the music scene. Ever since he was a child, the prolific artist has been writing Arabic poetry in classical Arabic language. This training shines through in the rhymes of his writing and the depth in their meaning.

El Far3i’s releases are forever shrouded in mystery, keeping audiences wondering whether they will be blessed with a rap single or an acoustic piece. For ‘Mahmoom’, El Far3i opted for the latter.

The song sees El Far3i touch dip into the flood of flustering thoughts we come across. Within the sea of events occurring in our lives everyday, the artist explores the idea of losing ourselves within our overthinking and the cluster of negativity that might cloud our vision and judgment. Lyrically, El Far3i keeps it minimalistic with a simple yet melancholic guitar harmony encapsulating the depth and solemnity of what is being sung.