Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Jordan’s TikTok sensation Llunr drops anthemic pop track ‘Rocketship’

Llunr’s latest track is colorful and upbeat but its neat production comes at a price.

Moataz Gwaily

Jordan’s TikTok sensation Llunr drops anthemic pop track ‘Rocketship’

Jordanian artist Llunr seems to be peaking right now. With a sizable following that keeps growing, Llunr started to gain attention through TikTok, amassing more than 300k followers and more than 4 million likes.

Llunr’s popularity comes courtesy of crisp pop music that aims to be as colorful as Coldplay, and as adrenaline pumping as Imagine Dragons, while adding his unique spin on top of this tapestry. The latest addition to Llunr’s growing catalog is Rocketship, the song’s pop production sounds familiar, perhaps with the compression being a little heavy-handed at parts, taking a little bit away from the warmth of the acoustic guitar and drums. Lacking a little warmth, true, but is alive and kicking. In addition to that, the -literally- soaring lyrics and anthemic group vocals makes for an output that’s big and dramatic.

The song’s uplifting sound comes courtesy of a set of touching lyrics, like the song’s main punchline,”I’m a Rocketship and you’re my planet”. The sentimental lines are then accented by a sweet composition to the tune, with a tear-jerker pre chorus that features ethereal backing vocals, before the emotional chorus hits, where those ethereal group vocals are swapped for energetic chants.

With a catalog of songs that have long surpassed millions of plays across streaming services, Llunr’s newest cut Rocketship is following a similar trajectory. Despite generic production, ‘Rocketship’ is a colorful piece of pop rock from one of Jordan’s best exports.