Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Jordanian Artist Zaid Khaled Releases Heartfelt Single 'Awal Marra'

Zaid’s latest project moves seamlessly between funk and RnB with a hint of downtempo.

Ahmed Khalaf

Jordanian Artist Zaid Khaled Releases Heartfelt Single 'Awal Marra'

Jordanian alternative artist Zaid Khaled prefers not to confine himself to a certain sound or genre, constantly diversifying his sonic direction and offering up a smorgasbord of exciting and unexpected fusions. His collaborations are dazzlingly diverse with everyone from Egyptian producer EL Waili to Jordanian producer Zaid Kreshan having played a part in his sonic-storytelling.

His latest single ‘Awal Marra’ - produced by Egyptian maestro Kubbara - showcases a previously unseen, or rather unheard vulnerability as he weaves a story of how an emotionally turbulent relationship pushed his spiritual boundaries all the while painting a sonic canvas fueled by passion and sentiment.

Kubbara does a brilliant job with the production. Through merging a dulcet piano riff with a comforting Kalimba-like sound and underscoring it by a hint of psychedelic reverberated synth, he manages to keep the instrumental minimal and ensure the focus remains on the vocals. The single ends with Zaid’s captivating chanting which at first listen sounds like a flute, but as it progresses you come to learn it’s just him harmonizing on autotune.