Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Jordanian Childhood Friends Idreesi & Buffy Reunited on ‘Elyoum’

The Amman-based pair team up for a an altogether jolly synth-pop ditty.

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Jordanian Childhood Friends Idreesi & Buffy Reunited on ‘Elyoum’

Adding to an all round jolly string of releases on Saudi label, Wall of Sound, Jordanian artist, Idreesi, has teamed up with a childhood friend for his latest release, giving a whole new meaning to his often nostalgic musical outlook.

'Elyoum’ is a retro-peppered synth-pop song that is lighthearted in tone throughout, as Idreesi and the friend in question, Buffy, come together.The track kicks off with a rising reversed melody that merges into a synth-mania, while the use of a R&B-like drum pattern only gives more space for the synthesizers. 

For Idreesi, the piece is cut from the same cloth as his recent releases -  subtly anthemic in tone, celebratory in nature - but December-released ‘Mt3wed 3aleik’ (see below) showcased a more left-field side to Buffy, and it’ll be interesting to see more.