Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Jordanian Producer Nayoo Explores Eastern Rhythms in EDM EP ‘MSG’

(disclaimer: this ingredient may be addictive)

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Jordanian Producer Nayoo Explores Eastern Rhythms in EDM EP ‘MSG’

Nayoo, a Berlin-based Jordanian producer, songwriter and co-founder of Amman-based hip-hop collective Zee7, has recently unveiled a new EP ‘MSG’, reimagining the classic sounds of the MENA region through the lens of contemporary electronic dance music. 

Throughout the four-track EP, Nayoo deconstructs the noises of the bustling streets of his hometown, Amman, weaving them with pure mono-synthesizers and traditional Middle Eastern instrumentation, to present a fresh effort of EDM bridging the gap between tradition and modern (disclaimer: this ingredient may be addictive). On the opening track ‘This’s One Take’, the Amman-born artist blends the percussions of Shami urban music with jungle rhythms, playful Arabic hip-hop-inspired lyrics and silky smooth breaks. 

Meanwhile, on tracks such as, ‘Te-RA-TA-TAA’ and ‘Dirty dirty old’, Nayoo incorporates the repetitive rhythms of darkbuka with groovy acid basslines and rolling 90s synths that just hit hard.  The darbuka appears again on the final track ‘It’s a G Cuzz’, a hypnotic mixture of house and techno peppered with salty synthwaves, crispy drum patterns and hard-hitting breakbeats that will have you twisting hips and shoulders a minute in.