Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Juno Champions the Unheard Female Voice in New Track 'Power of She'

It's a fine return to indie pop form for an Egyptian singer-songwriter who continues to garner fans for her unique musical aesthetic.

Ahmed Khalaf

It’s been some time since Juno invited SceneNoise into her bedroom and her world for an intimate video feature - and it’s been even longer since we’ve heard new material from the Cairo-based singer-songwriter, following April's 'I Think of You' in collaboration with Hatem El Chiati.

For her latest release, ‘Power of She’, the artist takes cues from jazz to form a sometimes sultry, other times melancholic fusion of sounds that feed into her indie pop sensibilities. The track kicks off with Rhodes-inspired keys and a chorused guitar riff alongside slightly reverberated vocals. Shrill hi-hats with a jazz rhythm accompanies the mellow drums, carrying the almost Boss Nova-esque groove of the track alongside her euphonious vocals. Said vocals see Juno reflecting on her experiences of growing up, describing resilience or the “power of she.” 

The track also speaks of the experience of many women, the disenfranchised and ignored. “This one is for all the women that have ever felt their voices weren't heard,” Juno wrote about the track. “This one is for all the women that ever had to experience sexual harassment or assault and had no one to go to. I celebrate each and every one of you and your strength and bravery. I want to thank all the women that have inspired this song. You are everything and more.” 

It’s a fine return to form for an artist who, although yet to release an EP or LP, continues to garner more and more fans - even for her seemingly left-field new musical persona, Jnnh, a techno DJ act. The track hits you like a cool breeze, surprising in parts, but always carrying that Juno sound.