Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Kamyar Khanzaei Teams Up for New Kudd on Hip-Hop EP ‘Villain Scream’

The Iranian artist’s new hip-hop-inspired EP is a refreshing and sometimes peculiar musical journey.

Ahmed Khalaf

You can always rely on Kamyar Khanzaei to showcase talent alongside fellow artists from Sampatic Records, and a little over two months since his last work, Kamyar has collaborated with fellow DJ and producer, Kudd, on new EP, Villain Scream, a hip-hop inspired piece packed with plenty of twists.

Kicking off with Kudd’s production in ‘Defalcation’, it is perhaps the bell sounds consistent throughout the track that give it hints of a spiced-up Christmas jingle, accompanied by ‘boom bap-style drums and shooting effects that work to invite a rapper to spray his bars.

Then enters Kamyar’s own peculiar take on hip-hop with ‘Reality Bites’, a bouncy track that borrows influence from old school West Coast hip-hop, with a glitchy twist and highly distorted kick drums. The sample, which may have first appeared in the form of a ‘70s jazz song, is carefully chopped up to align with Kamyar’s vision for the track as a whole.

Kudd keeps it old school with the self-explanatory ‘NYC Titled’, an ode to ‘90s and early ‘00s New York and West Coast hip-hop, characterised primarily by the layout of the drums and the chopped piano melodies in which a single chord acts as a drone throughout the song.

In the final track, the EP receives a makeover with a dark, experimental electronic outcome. Neon-shooting sci-fi sounds and screwy hi-hat rolls are topped off with glitch-breaks and eccentric panning to complete the haywire vibe of the finale.