Friday December 1st, 2023
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Khafage’s Mohawla Rakam 27: An Audiovisual Tsunami of Experimentation

Having gone viral for his guitar solo mash-ups of Egyptian rap tracks, Khafage shows his true colours as a mad scientist of a producer.

Ahmed Khalaf

Experimental, futuristic and cinematic are just a few of the words one might use to describe Khafage’s new track, ‘Mohawla Rakam 27’, which sees the Egyptian guitarist showcase a different side to the guitar solo mash-ups of Egyptian rap tracks that made him something of a viral sensation.

Coming as a collaboration with visual artist, Seif Hussam, it’s a thunderstorm of music, a track that uses a seemingly infinite amount of sonic elements.Filled with cinematic effects, a tsunami of synthesisers, a mix of eastern and western drums, and shrill guitar riffs, it’s a mad piece of music that some might find overcrowded. The track takes a some-what calming breakdown midway through, but then explodes to its climax with a sinister drop that swirls with sounds. On Hussam’s part, the visuals provide a fitting elaboration on the track, adding the spacey, extraterrestrial feel that it promises throughout.

This experimental side of Khafage’s musicality is nothing new. He has often experimented with production and while ‘Mohawla Rakam 27’ might be hard to stomach for some, more experimentation is never a bad thing for any emerging artist trying to find his sound.