Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Koast Finds Inspiration in Nina Simone for New Track ‘Kima Nina’

The Paris-based Tunisian singer’s vocals take centre stage in the new track produced by Ratchopper.

Yahia Dabbous

Koast Finds Inspiration in Nina Simone for New Track ‘Kima Nina’

With the setting sun presenting a spectrum of colour in its golden hour over the Parisian banlieue skyline, Tunisian songstress Koast parades a confident silhouette and lays out the full flavour of her flair in an addictive new single ‘Kima Nina’.

An R&B beat adorned in traditional Maghrebi influences produced, mixed, and mastered by famed Tunisian producer and BLOC C label founder, Ratchopper, Koast’s cottoned vocals take centre stage as she sings in a siren sense of the verb, relishing as she loosens her tongue for listeners to savour its range.Despite the use of autotune, the track achieves the impressive feat of conveying both decadence in its richness while being marked by its essentially raw character as her webbed overlapping vocals flow with casual fluidity to produce a package that merits the self-indulgence. 

If the title didn’t hint at it, the track seemingly takes inspiration from the legendary Nina Simone, the video captioned simply by a quote from the legendary singer: 

"I'll tell you what freedom is to me, NO FEAR. I mean really, NO FEAR. If I could have that.. half of my life... NO FEAR..''