Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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Kulture Enters Cairo Party Scene with Debut Event Nulento ft. Stavroz

The newest kid on the party block is looking to add some culture and even education to the dancefloor experience, starting Friday 29th of October.

Ahmed Khalaf

Kulture Enters Cairo Party Scene with Debut Event Nulento ft. Stavroz

As we slowly return to a normal, post-pandemic life, the clubbing scene in Egypt has not only seen established names return to form, but it has also welcomed several new names. The latest comes in the form of Kulture, a new organiser set to debut with 'Nulento' on Friday 29th of October at Cairo venue, Tempo, with Belgian live electronic act, Stavroz, headlining a line-up that will also feature Dutch producer and film scorer, Eelke Kleijn, and Cairo’s own Safi.

One of the key pillars behind Kulture is to present a fuller picture of the world of electronic music by introducing new names and new sounds into Egypt’s party circuit, to bring a bit of culture and depth to dancefloor experience. 

With Stavroz, Kulture is hitting the ground running. The group are one of the most unique electronic acts in Europe, one inspired by everything from Oriental to jazz sounds, while Eelke Kleijn brings house and techno to the table, though his work as a scorer gives him a unique edge. Seasoned Safi, meanwhile, brings a years of experience to the equation, experience that has seen him hone in on a preferred sound defined by organic ethno-beats and Afro-Latin sounds, among many other influences.

Beyond the bright lights of the debut party, Kulture has grander plans, revealing that they will, in the future, hosts workshops and talks with artists. Stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, get your tickets at https://collardtickets.com/event/nulento-x-eelke-kleijn-stavroz-live-safi/