Saturday May 25th, 2024
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L5VAV Ventures Into Drill On his Latest Release 'Mn Elakher'

Egyptian artist L5VAV diversifies his sonic palette by embracing drill sonics in his latest release.

Zaid Kreshan

L5VAV Ventures Into Drill On his Latest Release 'Mn Elakher'

Rising Egyptian artist L5VAV has been hard at work over the last few months, ardently exploring new musical direction through a relentless string of releases. His latest work, ‘Mn Elakher’, continues this journey as we are treated to a heavy drill track, highlighting a hyper-focused side of L5VAV’s lyrics and delivery.

The track blends L5VAV’s calculated flows and DANY’s aggressive production style, resulting in a track that sounds tight and highly polished. The instrumental starts with a subdued bass sound that draws the listener in, but it quickly escalates as we are met with some heavy drum sounds and a fired-up vocal delivery in the verse.

L5VAV sounds energised throughout the track, switching up flows and sentence structure as the track progresses in order to keep things interesting. His deadpan delivery also adds a lethargic attitude to the lyrics, and the instrumental keeps hitting us with smooth transitions and drum edits that make the beat come alive.

Another interesting production choice is the sparse use of bass, as this genre is usually dominated by relentless sliding baselines. This heavy use of bass has become one of the genre’s characteristic sounds, and while the iconic sliding bass is present on this release, it’s not as overused as it is on many other drill tracks.

As L5VAV continues to experiment with genres and musical ideas, he is proving that his productivity can’t be hindered as he continues to develop and refine his in-your-face writing style.