Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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LAÏ Plunges Into Heartbreak In Latest EL Waili Collaboration 'Shabah'

LAÏ and EL Waili join forces for the first time in this mystery thriller of a music video.

Ahmed Khalaf

Lebanese singer, songwriter, actress, and director LAÏ never fails to leave an impression among viewers with her directorial prowess and glorious acting performances on screen, not to forget her singing and songwriting abilities, which always boasts a spree of emotions and sentiment. The talented artist collaborates with fan-favorite producer, Egypt’s EL Waili, who offers his signature sounds and production on their latest collaboration in ‘Shabah’.

This is the third outing for LAÏ to direct her own music video, providing the visual work that fits the musical direction, having complete control over the creative decisions. In ‘Shabah’, LAÏ is starring as a hurt and confused woman in her mansion, who seems to be in distress. The video symbolizes love, pain, confusion, hallucination, and heartbreak, with LAÏ perfectly portraying all these emotions with her impeccable acting skills. 

Lyrically, LAÏ embarks on losing track of time and feeling like a ghost in times of need. The talented singer reminisces on past experiences and reflects on these hard times, producing one of her most sentimental singles to date. EL Waili offers his signature rugged bass and snappy drums. The highly-regarded producer also makes use of a reversed melody which adds a sinister tone to LAÏ’s poignant vocals.