Thursday March 30th, 2023
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LAIVENT App Is The Ultimate Booking Tool for Artists in Egypt

Finally, a solution for discovering new talent and booking the most suitable musician for your upcoming event.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egypt has seen a soar in the number of musicians, singers, DJs, and instrumentalists in recent times. The focus has shifted to music amongst the teenagers and young adults, where it’s rare to find a friend group where at least one friend isn’t aspiring to rise within the music scene in some capacity. That being said, with the overwhelming number of musicians and artists available, it might be difficult to find the perfect booking for your wedding, party, birthday, or any event where you need music entertainment. Luckily, recently formed LAIVENT Technologies brought the solution that will ease the booking process for your next event.

LAIVENT, founded by Egyptian entrepreneur Mohamed Barghash, is a catalogue of sorts, consisting of a large number of musicians, instrumentalists, singers, rappers, and DJs, organised in a way that makes it easy for users to find the most suitable artist to fit their events needs. The app also has a database of comedians, MCs, choreographers, and dancers.

LAIVENT gives users the freedom to roam their well-established catalogue according to categories, arranged by sections and subsections within. Under the DJs category, you’ll find DJs who specialise in various genres, such as commercial, hip-hop & RnB, techno, house, tech-house, and minimal. Under the Musicians category, you’ll find an instrumentalist for your every need: violinist, drummer, live producer, saxophonist, and percussionists. Within every subsection you can find the artists, then in each artist’s profile you can find a bio, links to their music and videos of performances, and a booking button.

To book an artist, you provide the event’s name, description, type, budget, date and time, and the duration of the performance. When the artist agrees to the details of the event, you would receive a notification that the artist has agreed to the booking. For artists to join it’s as easy as joining any social media platform; you fill in the form with your details, include your music links and some video performances, then voila! You’re ready to get booked for endless events.

Download the app via the App store or Google Play.