Friday December 1st, 2023
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Lebanese Artist Thoom Transforms Her Sound in Grunge-Drenched ‘Tony’

The new single sees Thoom explore mellow grunge.

Ahmed Khalaf

Diversity and continuity are among two of the most fundamental factors anchoring an artist’s career. It is not uncommon for musicians, singers, or rappers to fall into the trap of repetitiveness after finding their distinct voice or style, a double-edged sword that can act as a trap that renders their new sounds redundant.

Lebanese-born artist Thoom, though, keeps unsettling any emerging cliché stereotypes in the constant reinvention of her style and sound. After her previous experimental LP Pork, Thoom explores a mellow grunge in her new single ‘Tony’, which appears to channel the influence of Kurt Cobain and the Seattle grunge sound of the mid 80s.
Thoom’s frequent listeners may find themselves struck by the range of her sound, and its change from her previous works. Beginning with a chorused-guitar riff accompanying her emotive-vocals, the introduction of percussion satisfies any calls for a dose of groove, before the track climaxes with a heartfelt guitar chorus and cymbal heavy drums.

Speaking from her heart and refusing to settle in her work, Thoom exhibits the valuable features that mark a real quality of contemporary artists.