Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Lebanese Band Taxi 404 Release Love-Struck Single 'Amoureux'

The Beirut based trio delves into life-saving love on ‘Amoureux’.

Konrad Worning Eilenberger

For a couple of years now, the French-language band Taxi 404 have been making waves with their fresh sound and always high quality output, and through consistent releases, with 2 EP´s in the last two years. The band’s last release, the January single ‘Je Cours’ was a funky and danceable summer anthem, but on new single 'Amoureux' the trio digs deep and presents a sincere and heartfelt love song.

On the track, Taxi 404 has cut all instrumentation down to a bare minimum. ‘Amoureux’ features only a grand piano and low Rhodes chords, which makes room for Aminn and Andy´s vocals to really shine through and cement the emotions they are trying to translate. Only in the last 30 or so seconds is an extra layer of strings added on top of the piano.

The single ‘Amoureux’ is the first release from the trio's upcoming debut album, in the making as we speak. Commenting on the song and video vocalists Aminn and Andy of Taxi 404 says: “We wanted to create a very emotional piece from our hearts, and put into image the complex and beautiful act of creating a song. We wanted this project to deeply move our audience; a sort of anthem of love”.

The music video is set in an apartment where Andy and Aminn, singers of Taxi 404, are seen writing a song from scratch. Through the video we follow the two´s creative process, from the creation of melody and chords, to writing the lyrics, and finally in the end we witness their joy as ‘Amoureux’ forms and comes to life.

For the video taxi 404 was dressed by renowned Lebanese designer Salim Azzam in his ‘A New Land’ pieces. The song is distributed by Warner Music Middle East.
Listen to the song and watch the video below