Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Lebanese Producer Offrami Releases ‘Mandika’ Alongside Jiinio

The US-based duo’s new release is a tropical-flavoured EDM track that adds further flavour to Offrami’s eclectic production catalogue.

Ahmed Khalaf

Rhythmical Lebanese producer and DJ Offrami has released ‘Mandika’, a tropical EDM track full of fresh sounds and an acoustic twist.

Released on London-based label Lilly Era Records, and in collaboration with Florida-based Lebanese musician Jiinio, Offrami finds a fitting match to lay out his sultry production direction.Already with a broad range of eclectic productions under his discography, Offrami’s Latin-inspired ‘Mandika’ adds a new tone by kicking off with what seems to be a trumpet quartet before percussive elements enter the chat. As he throws in congas and bongos to add flavour to the drums, a Latin progression accompanies the mix on electric guitar.

If listeners can’t get enough, an extended version is available with a longer intro and outro.