Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Lebanon's Aegis Festival Announces 72-hour Dance Music Event

Aegis Festival to host a 72-hour long house music festival filled with a slew of groovy selectors in Lebanon’s coastal town, Batroun.

Badreya Electroneya

Lebanon's Aegis Festival Announces 72-hour Dance Music Event

Revitalise your senses this Eid with a 3-day long immersive experience of uninterrupted groove by a renowned slew of selectors from the MENA region and beyond at ‘Aegis Festival’ in Batroun.

“Aegis Festival is a 72 hour music festival offering an escape from daily life. It bloomed from one idea: the need for an oasis, far from the city’s hustle & bustle and the tedious pressure of everyday life,” as written on its page.

This year’s iteration is to be held at one of Lebanon’s idyllic venue ‘Arnaoon Village’ allowing for an untethered venture, giving major disconnection and reconnection vibes for the holidays. You can expect sets from Peggy Gou, Marco Carola, Lamache, Misty, Zeina, Aly Geode, andmore. The event is in collaboration with French Record label Yoyaku, the Lebanese collective 'retrogroove', and ‘Somewhere’ a “sonic visual diary of irresistible grooves.”

Nestled in nature, the festival has two stages, the 'Main Stage' promises a remarkable sight, boasting a dome crafted from meticulously picked materials that blend harmoniously with its surrounding green environment, paired with LED strips casting mesmeric lights across the dome's curves. Meanwhile, the 'Alternative Stage' provides an intimate and interactive setting between acts, allowing for a truly unique and engaging experience.

Additionally, the festival offers a range of wellness-based activities, including sound healing and yoga sessions, so fest-goers can relax and rejuvenate as they enjoy three days of thumping bass-lines.

You can grab your tix for this peachy fest. by clicking the link on @aegisfestival_’s bio