Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Lebanon’s Kraken Clench Talks Love & Lust In Debut 'Voodoo Lover'

Another rising artist in Lebanon's ever-growing, eclectic music scene.

Ahmed Khalaf

Lebanon’s vibrant music scene might be the most diverse in terms of local acceptance; In Egypt you can find the rap scene dominating, while in Tunisia the electronic scene could be considered the main attraction, not Lebanon though. You can find well-established musicians and bands ranging from rock, hip hop, pop, RnB, house, techno, and much more.

The latest emerging artist out of Lebanon’s burgeoning scene would be debuting rocker Dany Hawa, also known as Kraken Clench who recently released a music video accommodating his debut single ‘Voodoo Lover’, an ode to love and lust.

Clench delves into a story of emotional confusion, projecting from a previous love experience with “All the little things that I like about you, couldn’t matter less, all the details that can make you look cool, when you’re such a mess.” This is a clear reflection of his mixed feelings towards this whole situation.

The song also traverses the fine line between desire and madness, speaking subtly on how sadness and confusion leads to a constant state of intoxication. Mid-way through the single, he shreds an intense guitar solo which encapsulates the entire message sonically throughout the solo section.

Clench is currently working on his debut album which can be expected to be released late 2022. Check out Kraken Clench’s ‘Voodoo Love’ below.