Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Lege-Cy Delivers an Emotional Rap Ballad with ‘Msh Da Elle Ekhtarto'

Beloved Egyptian rapper Lege-Cy returns with an introspective and deeply personal release.

Zaid Kreshan

Lege-Cy Delivers an Emotional Rap Ballad with ‘Msh Da Elle Ekhtarto'

Egyptian rapper, producer, and musician Lege-Cy continues to provide a sensitive and intimate voice in the regional rap scene. The rapper has built his image around his willingness to confront and display his vulnerabilities through his introspective lyricism and melancholic musical direction.

The MENA region’s rap scene seems at times plagued by competition and hyper-masculinity, but rappers such as Lege-Cy provide a reminder that there is more to express in rap beyond dissing and out-rhyming your peers.

In his latest release, ‘Msh Da Elle Ekhtarto’, Lege-Cy tackles the subject of a failed relationship while examining his obsessive and codependent tendencies. The rapper asks himself if he is truly satisfied with his life, revealing that his clouded perception of happiness is directly influenced by his love life, as per the lines which roughly translate to:

هل أنا راضي عن إللي أنا فيه؟

Am I satisfied with where I am?

سؤال عمري ما لقيت إجابة ليه

A question I’ve never found an answer to.

كل حاجه بتحصل في مافيش

It doesn’t matter what happens,

لسه ناسي نفسي ومانسيتكيش

I still forget myself, but never forget you.

Composed and written by Lege-Cy, with production and engineering by Sherif Abdelmeged, the track takes us on an unfolding emotional journey. ‘Msh Da Elle Ekhtarto’ starts with a piano performance by Youssef Alaa El Din, that sets the sombre tone for the rest of the track to come.

Lege-Cy’s autotuned vocals sing a teetering melody along with a touching string arrangement performed by violinist Ahmed Mansour and cellist Mohamed Ahmed, which are held together by a commanding bassline performed by Sherif Abdelmeged.

This instrumental takes an expansive direction, where the elements of the track evolve over time to include different rhythmic and harmonic ideas. This can be heard through the arpeggiated piano playing in the verses and in the nimble guitar work provided by Mohamed Khafage.

Lege-Cy’s lyrics in this track see him unearthing his dissatisfaction, while looking inwardly to resolve his conflict. The rapper also explores themes of having no control over his own emotions, being severely affected by the state of his relationships, hinting that he has begun looking within to resolve his own emotional vulnerability.

Listen to the full track here: