Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Lil Baba and Abo El Anwar Go All-Mexic in ‘Mmmm Mmmm’ Video

Expect a host more EPs to drop from El-Mexic collective this year.

Ahmed Khalaf

The copious releases from El-Mexic collective show that the star-studded clique has a lot to say, consistently releasing one or two tracks weekly, with a flood of four during that week in May. Shuffling their roster between abo El Anwar alone, or featuring Abyusif alongside him, or another with Lil Baba or another with the whole team together, you get the idea, they do it all.

Featuring Abyusif, Perrie, and Desso in the video, the new track ‘Mmmm Mmmm’ sees Lil Baba and Abo El Anwar take different paths while sporting Mexico’s national football shirt and flying the Central American country’s flag. Directed by Youssef Mahros, the video is essentially a flaunting of the group’s different directions in a visual splash.

With Lil Baba producing the track, he places a Latin American-inspired guitar progression above typical trap percussion, though with a two-step hi hat pattern that shows understanding of Abo El Anwar’s vocals and flow.

The latter is set to drop a couple of EPs this year, as well as fellow group members Abyusif and Perrie, so listeners have more chances to hear what they all have to say.