Friday 3 of February, 2023
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Liliane Chlela to Premiere ‘Safala’ Visuals at UK’s TUSK Festival

Studio Kawakeb’s visual interpretation of the experimental Lebanese producer’s latest album promises to be a contemporary artistic assemblage for the digital ages.

Yahia Dabbous

In comparison to the intoxicating atmosphere of the crowd, it’s naturally not-easy to fight the case for digital editions of music festivals.

When your lineup boasts the experimental artistic talent that is Liliane Chlela to deliver a haunting, socio-political audio-visual sequence of her Safala album, however, well... one simply has to tune in.

The Lebanese producer and composer has harnessed an intuitively distinct signature sound over the years, though there is little resembling any formulaic sense of signature in her art - which makes the prospect of an online audiovisual performance of her experimental genius as part of the UK’s TUSK Festival on Friday 6th of August all the more exciting.

With the Beirut-based Studio Kawakeb enjoying free reign to provide the visual interpretation of Safala, attendees (virtual or otherwise) can expect that the studio’s inclination to push visual creative boundaries will produce a contemporary artistic assemblage for the [digital] ages.

Catch Chlela’s performance at, on Friday 6th August, from 9PM UK time. Get acquainted with the album below.