Wednesday September 27th, 2023
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London-Based Egyptian Layal Pushes Out the Negative in ‘June’

“Don’t attack me with your projections," the singer-songwriter bellows in a track that's all about getting rid of the toxicity in your life.

Ahmed Khalaf

In a world that makes it awfully difficult to be a good old-fashioned, stand-up human being, London-based Egyptian singer-songwriter, Layal, discusses pushing away our deepest, most inner-toxic - which sound simple on paper. Layal is known for her raw lyricism, actively tackling deeply tough-of perceptions and digging deep into her subconscious, and she treats this particular topic no differently.“Don’t attack me with your projections” the young singer says as she groovily lays out her message of surrounding yourself with people who have your best interest at heart, and pushing away those that don’t. With a reggae-inspired instrumental that dictates the arrangement of the percussion and her worn singing method, the track bounces along a bed of warm reverberated keys accompanied by a rugged bassline that acts as the main body of the music.