Friday June 14th, 2024
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London-Based Layal Shows Off Her Darker Colours in ‘Blueprint’

The Egyptian singer-songwriter has largely shown the sunnier side of her personality in her previous work, but takes a sharp turn in an emotional, melancholic piece.

Ahmed Khalaf

London-Based Layal Shows Off Her Darker Colours in ‘Blueprint’

London-based Egyptian singer, Layal, has, thus far in her musical journey, shown the sunnier side of her personality, whether through reggae or liquid drum and bass. In her latest release, however, she showcases a diversity, with the video for ‘Blueprint’ seeing her set off into a melancholic yet energetic direction, the dark, Tokyo-esque colours the defining visual elements of the piece.A mesmerisngly dark instrumental takes Layal’s smooth delivery to another dimension, the indie-trap fusion giving her the space to lay out her fervent lyrics. The talented young singer reflects on the growth of her relationship with her mother. She lays out the story of how they progressed together and how they got to where they are now. She dedicates this song to her mother and expresses her undying love for her.

It’s an interesting package of music, lyrical content and visual interpretation from an artist who refuses to enclose herself under one or two genres, proving her versatility and talent with each release. Her influences vary from many styles and genres, and she has made a signature out of incorporating cultural elements from her background with cultures of her current surroundings. It’s an approach that has got her work played often on ‘BBC Music Introducing’, as well as getting her nominated for Youth Music’s Outstanding Act Award.