Tuesday May 30th, 2023
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Love Me! The Ultimate MENA Valentine’s Playlist

We’ve put together a love-and-heartbreak-themed playlist with songs from emo rap, to indie-pop, to classic Arabic hits.

Maha ElNabawi

Do you love me? Do you, you?

In this list we’ve got classics from Fayrouz to Abdelhalim Hafez situated next to a timeline of contemporary hits like ‘Galbi’ by Soapkills and Youssra’s ‘Hob’. 

With the rise of sad and emo rap, we’ve also got some heartfelt numbers for lovers and the broken hearted as heard in Lege-cy’s ‘Betadeen’ and Wegz’s ‘El Bahkt’. All this gently snuggled together with other recent releases like Rasha Nahas’ ‘Habbatek’, Gharam Electric’s ‘Faqat Ala Baliq’, Alsarah’s ‘3roos Elneel x El Buho Remix’ and more. 

Let us know what we might have missed, send us your recommendations at info@scenenoise.com