Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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Ma-Beyn of Ka2en Releases Her Second Solo Single ‘MASA2ALTESH’

The second release from Ma-Beyn sees the upcoming Egyptian artist staking her status as a force to be reckoned with.

Nadine El Roubi

One might recognise Ma-Beyn as the only female member of rising rap collective Ka2en. Though the group have gained traction through consistent gigging and social media presence, the individual artists are still searching for their own, singular sounds

In the collective, Ma-Beyn’s sultry vocals, intellectual bars, and jarring flow are a valuable asset to the group, providing a pleasing and different sound both in style and frequency. Though the sonic chemistry she shares with the group is undeniable, it’s exciting to see the young artist also experiment with her own solo sound on the side.

With only two songs present on her Anghami page, it seems as though the young Egyptian artist is just starting to put herself out there as a solo act. Her debut single, ‘2olta Yemken’, translating loosely to ‘I Said Maybe’ showcased a funky experimental synth-pop universe defined by an arsenal of varied sounds and arpeggios. Though the track was a bold 4 minutes – longer than the recommended standard 3.30 for a radio single – the change in pace and character midway through the track demonstrates Ma-Beyn’s ability to take risks and explore her artistry.

This last week she released the second single of her solo venture and her first of 2022, ‘MASA2LTESH’, loosely translating to ‘I Didn’t Ask You’. This track sees Ma-Beyn delve back into her hip hop roots. The track opens with a beat drop. The drums kick in Ma-Beyn’s light vocals float over the density of the hard-hitting beat. Soon, the intensity diffuses, with several layers of the track being peeled back, replaced by analog percussion and a spacy synth. Produced by Lil Abad, the beat is the perfect bedding for Ma-Beyn’s style of writing and vocals.

Being one of the only female rappers and artists in Cairo, it’s inspiring to watch a young woman feel the passion and hunger to make her mark on such a male-dominated scene. It’s particularly exciting when taking into account the subject matter of Ma-Beyn’s work.

‘MASA2LTESH’, or ‘I Didn’t Ask (You)’ sees the powerful artist putting a man in his place. “I didn’t ask you for your opinion, I didn’t ask you what you thought,” is an example of the nature of her lyrics in the song. It represents a shared sentiment amongst most women in Arab culture, who are constantly policed to be more submissive, obedient, and invisible.

Ma-Beyn’s message of feminism lies both in her work and in her journey as the only woman in a collective breaking out to do her own thing on the side. Listen to ‘MASA2LTESH’ below.