Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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MaMan’s ‘Sit Al´Banat’ EP is Sudani-Afrobeats to the Core

The latest project from the Sudanese musician and producer ‘MaMan’ exhibits his talent with a coherent sound and strong production throughout.

Scene Noise

Back in 2018, MaMan put out his debut project ‘1991’, immediately making waves as a new and exciting voice to watch in the MENA region. His latest EP ‘Sit Al’Banat’, a collection of three tracks, further solidifies the young artist in this category. Produced entirely by AkOnDeBeat, the project highlights MaMan’s storytelling and lyricism – elevated with the help and visual creative direction of Sudanese artist Zeena Mirghani.

The EP kicks off with the laid back low-tempo Afrobeat track ‘AHDI’ which features mellow and smooth synth chords. MaMan’s vocals float with effortless runs and melodies, demonstrating why he should be considered amongst one of the most musically talented in the region.

The second track ‘SABAT’ is also low-tempo, but with trappy drums and deep kicks, which takes the listener on a different journey. It feels like a true car banger, a track to put on while cruising with friends.

With a catchy guitar riff, MaMan finishes off the EP ‘Sit Al´Banat’ with the track ‘AJRI’. The whole track has a kind of ballad feeling to it and the chorus is accentuated with a silky four to the floor kick. ‘AJRI’ ends with spacy reverbed synth arpeggios and a deep saw bass which reminds one of more recent trends in American and Arab hip hop productions.

As a whole, ‘Sit Al´Banat’ never feels half-baked or lacking in quality and it is therefore a worthy bet on how an Arab Afrobeat project should sound anno 2022.

Listen to ‘Sit Al´Banat’ below.