Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Mahraganat Unchained: But Who and What Are Egyptians Listening to?

With the Egyptian Musicians' Syndicate allowing Mahraganat room to breathe again, we've teamed up with Anghami to dive into their monthly charts and find out who Egyptians have been listening to.

Scene Noise

Last month, the Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate removed (some of) the shackles it had previously places on the country’s Mahraganat stars, essentially allowing them to perform in public again - a ‘privilege’ that had been rescinded by the syndicate on the grounds that the genre was decaying the moral fibre of Egyptian society.

We could argue against this very point for days on end and stress the importance of Mahraganat as the only native sound to emerge from the Egyptian street and fight its way into the otherwise rather imitative landscape of contemporary music - but we wouldn’t want to perpetuate the decay of Egyptian society as we know it, of course.

Returning swiftly to the syndicate, however, the shackles aren’t completely off, and you can read more about why here. One thing we do know, however, is that the genre’s popularity hasn’t wavered one bit and, if anything, musicians are only getting more and more popular, their ascent into the mainstream relatively untouched. How do we know? The folks at Anghami have let us in on some secrets and numbers, which show that Mahraganat is as alive and kicking as ever - which got us wondering…

Who and what are Egyptians listening to in the maniacal realm of Mahranganat? Here’s a snapshot based on Anghami's June charts.

1. Hassan Shakosh ft. Yasmin Raeis - Habibty

2. El Sawareekh - Eda Eda

3. Mostafa El Degwy - Metghaz Arfak Yally Mnena Metghaz

4. Mohamed Ramadan - Thabet

5. Ameen Khattab - Salamat 3ala Nas 3amaloly Ekhwat

6. Double Zuksh ft. 3enba & Abo El Anwar - El 3aw

7. Ahmed Moza - Andal Andal

8. Sting with Omar Kamal, Hamo Bika & Hassan Shakosh - Khalli El Yom Yomen

9. 3enba - Dawla

10. Ahmed Saad ft. 3enba & Double Zuksh - El Melouk

The charts are based on the number of streams only during June 2021. Check out more charts across a whole range of genres at Anghami.