Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Masked Moroccan Snor Returns From Hiatus with ‘Hkaya’

The Moroccan rapper returns with an ostentatious first video of the year.

Ahmed Khalaf

A leading and progressive figure within the Middle Eastern rap scene, Moroccan rapper Snor stands out with a mysterious anonymity under his personalised black mask and pigtailed ropes.

Snor is back with his first release of the year with new music video ‘Hkaya’. Usually aggressive with his selection of instrumentals and brisk with his delivery, Snor maintains his brazen flow but with a smoother touch.Produced by Khazzi, the rapper hops on a fitting instrumental of simple piano keys and percussive arrangements, with a distinct and unorthodox use of double bass for a dose of low frequencies.

Split into four stories, the video sees Snor lay out his lyrics in different flamboyant fits to fill listeners’ visual cravings. After a short hiatus, he makes a point that he won’t be returning quietly.