Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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'Merci, Uzu': New Year, New EP for Rising Egyptian Rapper Uzu

The three-track release is the rapper's second EP, after 2021's 'Safqa', and builds on a signature sound that pulls together hip-hop, trap, R&B and what some call 'R&Bass'.

Ahmed Khalaf

After a string of singles marked him as one of a new breed of rappers emerging in Egypt, Uzu’s 2021 debut EP, Safqa, in collaboration with Malaysia-based Egyptian producer, 77, went some way to fulfilling all the hype - but he left his growing fan base wanting plenty more. 

Well, he has wasted no time in laying down his intentions for 2022, releasing three-track EP, Merci, Uzu, and kicks it off with an engaging track that almost registers as a journal entry. The reflective ‘T2reban’ finds the rapper speaking freely and honestly about worries and challenges against a smooth instrumental.

The self-produced ‘Santorini’ takes the EP on a sharp turn, with a minimal but infectious beat allowing him to twist and turn his flow effortlessly and in typical suave style.

The EP closes with a bang, as up-and-coming rapper, Swani, joins Uzu on ‘Trillat. The Aswan native kicks things off on an On Mars beat (who also had a hand in the mixing and mastering of the EP alongside Dina Ali, who also did the artwork and photography), delivering a smooth, melodic verse that shows skill beyond his young years. Not to be outdone, Uzu matches that, once again leaving you waiting for little bit more - and maybe that’s Uzu’s next milestone? Maybe 2022 is the year we get a full-blown Uzu LP?