Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Milad Ahmadi Unshackles Experimental Battle-Ready EP ‘JIVEO’

It is difficult to identify the defining lines of the picture that the EP is painting, but its unrelenting internal clash of sounds hints at a blitz of a battle.

Yahia Dabbous

Milad Ahmadi Unshackles Experimental Battle-Ready EP ‘JIVEO’

In a piercingly assertive new EP JIVEO, Iranian producer Milad Ahmadi, who creates under the names Hormoznoise and Robo, does not shy away from experimenting in an open field with a determinedly unsettling electronic project.

Resembling more of a smashup rather than a typical mashup, JIVEO is characterised by Milad Ahmadi’s hallmark dedication to delivering cruelly sharp, clashing, and heavily morphed layers of uncompromising experimentalism depicting chaos.

Listeners are deliberately deprived of finding balance throughout the turbulent instrumentals, but the producer occasionally steers in a fleeting sense of structure for us to relish in.

It is difficult to identify the defining lines of what the EP is portraying, but the all-encompassing clashes of disparate elements hint towards a battle, a speculation evidenced through the unsteady use of beaming laser sounds by Ahmadi--who doubles and triples as a visual artist, videographer, and photographer--that fire up a vivid picture of a blitz.

An EP which demands to be heard with the volume all the way up for heightened appreciation hits a punishingly blunt ending in the only moment of respite for listeners, as its unassailable promise is twisted in a bold trick by the artist to depict finality. It would be insufficient to say the EP ends, and more accurate to state that it was taken from us, but the interruption builds immediate anticipation for the Iranian artist’s sequel.