Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Molotof Remixes Fairuz In Latest Single 'Free Palestine'

His latest work sees him using his huge following to shed light on the Palestinian cause.

Ahmed Khalaf

Taking a break from hip hop productions and rap collaborations, Egyptian production maestro Molotof has been burning candles at both ends - dropping seven signature bangers in the span of merely eight days. The beatstar has been revelling in his solo endeavours, giving him full freedom of setting the direction of his sonic textures.

Essentially, what gives a producer an edge over the overflowing availability of producers is having their own signature sound or style that would be instantly recognizable to the average listener, and that’s what Molotof has achieved. His infectious, arpeggiated synthesisers along with Western-sound selections over Egyptian drum-programming established him as one of the finest producers on a regional and global scale.

His latest outing sees him sampling Fairuz’s historic hit ‘Al Quds’ in full support with ‘Free Palestine’. It’s always a blessing seeing big artists using their platform to shed light on humanitarian issues. The Molotof signature is instantly recognizable a few seconds into the track - arpeggiated lead and environmental textures relating to the theme of the track, in this case mellow sirens with vocal chops and horns from the original sample. He then introduces chopped drums with syncopated percs and a proliferating lead as Fairuz’s vocal chops break through the mix.

Check out Molotof’s take on Fairuz’s ‘Al Quds’ in ‘Free Palestine’ below.