Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Molotof Showcases Egyptian Talents In New Mix for London's NTS

Mousv Sam, Marwan Moussa, El Sadat, DJ Totti, El-Waili, Moscow, Lai, Afroto, and even his own productions among many others are all part of Molotof’s mix for renowned London radio NTS.

Scene Noise

Following up on his Boiler Room System Mix, arguably Egypt’s finest producer, Molotof, has served up a new mix for major London radio NTS, a 30-minute ride showcasing Egypt’s top hip-hop and shaabi talents. Having previously made a mix with his own productions alongside other electronic-based tracks, this time he opts for sharing the spotlight.

Wegz, Marwan Moussa, Fifty El Ostora, El Waili, Moscow, Mousv Sam, El Sadat, Wezza Montaser, Lai, Afroto, Double Zuksh, DJ Totti, and Youssef El Joker are included - alongside some of his own work, of course - and he adds a touch of Molowave to proceedings.

Check out the set on Platos Combinados’ show at

Photo credit: Bashar Galal/Rakete