Monday February 26th, 2024
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Mono Punkk Snaps Artists for Palestinian Solidarity Series

The Egyptian photographer has invited leading figures in Egypt’s music scene to hold up the flag in solidarity with Palestine.

Scene Noise

Given the detrimental risk posed to their own careers when taking a stance for a humanitarian cause yet potentially divisive cause, it is admirable when artists use their platforms to bring attention to social issues. Monopunk, one of the leading photographers within Egypt’s music industry, has unveiled a new, developing photo series in solidarity with the Palestinian cause for liberation.

Mono Punkk uses his own status to invite musicians he has worked to participate in the series by proudly holding up the Palestinian flag while unapologetically sporting the iconic and symbolic keffiyeh. Titled ‘Ela Sheikh Jarrah’, the photo series aims to maintain attention and awareness of the issue by keeping up the spotlight.The photographer tells Scene Noise that he hopes to keep momentum going and to incorporate Palestinian musicians, actors, and artists, since the series is dedicated “to Palestine” and “for the Palestinian people,” but so far it boasts a line up of Wegz, Khaled Mokhtar, Disco Misr, Shahyn, and others who have participated.