Friday December 8th, 2023
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Moroccan Rappers Anfa Rose and MADD Drop Hypnotic Release '40 Degrees'

Two of the most beloved rap artists from Morocco come together to bring us an energising and futuristic release.

Zaid Kreshan

Few Arabic countries around the world have developed a style that is as immediately identifiable as Moroccan rap. The genre has undergone rapid developments in recent years, bringing multiple artists to regional and international notoriety.

As the Moroccan rap scene continues to grow with no end in sight, we often see some of the best rappers in the game collaborating to augment each other’s melodic and musical ideas.

For this release, two of the most trendsetting Moroccan artists, Anfa Rose and MADD, come together to bring us a futuristic trap banger in ’40 Degrees’.

The track, produced by DOPAM!NE & Yo Asel, makes use of psychedelic elements such as the meandering main melody, which are then re-contextualized by colossal drum sounds that will push your speaker system to its limits.

The hypnotising instrumental uses atmospheric elements to add depth to the fast-paced drum programming, where Anfa Rose and MADD exchange verses while switching between English and Moroccan Arabic lyrics. The catchy melodies and other-worldly vocal delivery on this track showcase the artist’s range and ability.

The visualizer of the track, with artwork by Carlos Cabrera, and editing by NOOR, take us into a vivid setting, with the two artists depicted in a deserted landscape in what looks like the near future. The visual effects make use of camera motion to create a dynamic visual experience, which is augmented by the inventive art-style used for the cover.

Listen to Anfa Rose and MADD’s ’40 Degrees’ here: