Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Moroccan Singer Rita Hits Hard with Catchy New R&B Track 'Ke Paso'

The French-raised R&B singer-songrwiter is back - and she means business.

Scene Noise

In being raised in France to Moroccan parents and influenced by everyone from Amy Winehouse to Queen, Rita L'Oujdia sense of music and culture sits at a unique meeting point, one that she wraps up in her own brand of R&B.

The last time we saw the songstress on the pages of SceneNoise, it was via ‘LFM’, a twinkling neo-soul inspired, trap-leaning track. For her latest release, though, she’s flipped the script and come through with a decidedly more abrasive tone - and it hits the spot quite splendidly.

Produced by L'Oujdia herself, 'Ke Paso' rings of the Neptunes in their heyday, and you can hear the influences of someone like M.I.A in her delivery. It’s an insatiably catchy track, one that doesn’t sit still. Neither do her lyrics and delivery, swinging between Arabic, French and English - and she even, almost, kind-of raps.

It all comes together to form a fantastic little ditty, but one that speaks quite flamboyantly and unashamedly of her musicality and personality, especially through the all-attitude video.

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